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Benefits of Savory Tea

Savory is an herb that has been widely appreciated for its culinary uses for many years. However, the uses of savory extend farther than the kitchen, as it offers many medicinal qualities as well. This is particularly true when savory is brewed into an herbal tea. Many herbalists will mix savory with a blend of other herbs in a tea though it is also quite beneficial on its own as well. The taste of this herbal brew is pleasing to many; however aside from the mere flavor of it, savory tea also has a range of health benefits as well.

Immune System Support

Savory tea has been shown to have an effect on boosting the immune system. The savory herb is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that are important for ensuring good health in the body as well as improving the immune system. This is crucial for helping to protect your body against many common illnesses and infections. Furthermore, the antiseptic qualities of this tea offer protection against intestinal infections and parasites.

Cold & Flu Protection

Savory tea can also be enjoyed during the cold and flu season. Aside from being warming and enjoyable during a cold season, this tea also has many benefits that can help reduce the chance of catching a cold or flu. For those who are looking for relief from a cold or flu, savory tea can help with this too. The soothing oils to be found in this brew are excellent for soothing over a sore scratchy throat and are also a good natural choice for reducing coughing.

Digestive Aid

Another practical use for savory tea is to drink it for relieving digestive upset such as minor aches, flatulence, diarrhea, and other common problems of the digestive tract. There are some who will also drink savory tea to relieve urinary infections, since it has a mild diuretic ability as well. Additionally, drinking savory tea can help maintain a healthy liver and bladder which can also be useful for ensuring good internal health.

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